Valenti Investment Properties LLC

Valenti Investment Properties LLC (VIP) is a limited liability company affiliated with Business Investment Group Inc. (BIG), its controlling member. VIP was established specifically to allow investors to participate in the real estate activities which have been established by BIG.

Investors become members of VIP and are issued membership units when they choose to invest in real estate through VIP and with BIG. Two forms of investment and investor units have been established. One is for individuals who would like a significant fixed rate of return on their funds through investing in “flip” properties. The other is for investors who want both a fixed return on their investment in addition to the potential of participating in receiving rental income and a share of appreciated value on rental properties in the event they are sold.

A diagram of the organizational structure is below. It includes BIG, VIP, MarVal LLC (which is a limited liability company used to obtain, renovate and sell flip properties), and a variety of limited liability companies established to hold rental properties.

For more information on opportunities with BIG and VIP please fill out and submit our online form. You may also call Mark Valenti at 860‑604‑4747.

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